Paper presenting authors at the EconTR2019@Ankara Conference have the opportunity to publish their papers in EconWorld Working Paper Series and/or in the following journals:

Central Bank Review (indexed in SCOPUS, ESCI, EconLit)                             
Economics Literature (eLit)                                                                                
Journal of Yaşar University (indexed in EBSCO)                                               
World Journal of Applied Economics (EconWorld Journal)(indexed in EconLit)

If you interested in publishing your paper in EconWorld Working Paper Series please visit The authors willing to publish their work in the journals above must submit revised version of their papers after EconTR2019@Ankara conference. Note that, the journals will be under no commitment to publish any article. However, they do promise an expedited refereeing process. The deadline to submit your manuscript is October 01, 2019. The authors should follow regular submission rules of the journal that can be found on the Journal’s web page.